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When to Visit Iceland?

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March 15, 2017

Iceland at its Best

Iceland has become a very popular tourist destination in the last few years. With more and more people travelling to from all around the globe to visit this remote island in the north. Everybody wanting to experience Iceland at its best. It is a question we frequently get asked. When is the best time to visit Iceland?


The Easy Answer

Well, this question simply does not have an easy answer. Iceland is a country that is ever-changing and can wow you at all times of year. Most tourists I have spoken to have either been here 2 times during both summer and winter or they are already planning their next visit. It seems Iceland is really two countries in one, the winter wonderland and the ever bright summer paradise.

Summer – Winter – Autumn – Spring

Háifoss Waterfall

Háifoss waterfall in summer

Spring and summertime with everything in its bloom has the obvious advantage as far as weather goes. The never ending daylight from mid May to late July is an experience all in it self. The wildlife is booming and you are most likely to see some whales playing of the coast of Iceland. Sheep are roaming the mountains with their young ones, so keep a watchful eye while driving you’ll never know how you are going to meet. 

If you can live with the unpredictable weather and you have some warm clothes lying around in your closet you should come and see Iceland in autumn with its changing leaves and incredible sunsets that colors the sky creating a stunning backdrop for the bare rock and lava fields. The biggest music festival in Iceland, Iceland airwaves is also held in Reykjavík at this time. It is worth checking out!

Haifoss waterfall in winter

Háifoss waterfall in winter

If you can stand the cold you should visit Iceland during winter. There is nothing more magical then to

sit, chill, relax in an hot spring while the earth around you is covered with snow. If you ever finish relaxing we recommend seeing some of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls in their winter coats. Of course there is a lot of darkness since we only get a few hours of daylight every day but in exchange we get the hypnotizing Northern lights coloring our winter skies. 


When to visit Iceland?