Glacier Express

Direct glacier touchdown


For those that just can’t wait to set their foot on a glacier this tour flies you straight to the second largest glacier area in Europe. We will attempt landing on Langjökull, Iceland’s visible remains of our last Ice age and experience the calm and quiet of the Icelandic glacier air. In the summertime you will see cracks in the glacier formed by its crawling from under its own weight. We will fly over the crater of the 9000 year old volcano Skjaldbreiður that has the rare shape of a shield hardly seen elsewhere in the world. On the way back we will pass by Þingvellir national park and fly along the magnificent Continental rift.

Landing on a glacier is always pending on weather. For your safety, HELO reserves the right to alter routes, flight plans and itineraries if needed, depending on weather and other factors that can occur on such an unpredictable surface as a glacier.


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