Glacier Lagoon in winter

New pictures of the Cauldron at Öræfajökull

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January 11, 2018

The volcano that is stirring

I have written in an earlier post about one of the biggest volcanoes in Iceland that seems to be stirring, Öræfajökull. There has been increasing seismic activity, measurable release of sulfur gasses from underneath the glacier and reported land rising in the area, you can read more about it here, Iceland on the verge of an Eruption?

Seeing the Caldera First Hand

A couple of days ago our helicopters departed Reykjavik in the early morning hours to take a group of people on a tour to the Glacier Lagoon. Early morning hours on January 9th being around 10 am, since it is dark most of the day mid-winter. This day the weather was as good as it gets during winter, just fantastic. Beautiful, sunny and a cold breeze blowing from the North, perfect flying weather. Since the conditions were perfect the pilots took the group sightseeing over the volcano and the huge ice bowl that has formed on top of Öræfajökull glacier. They of course took some photographs that show how big the cauldron really is

Caldera at Öræfajökull glacier

And to really get the feeling for its size on this photo you can see a tiny little black dot over the caldera which is one of our helicopter flying above it for reference

Helo helicopter flying over caldera at Öræfajökull glacier

So when this volcano does erupt we can definitely expect that it will not go unnoticed!