It´s Bolludagur or Cream Puff Day!

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February 12, 2018

Icelandic National Cream Puff Day

You might be wondering what weird Icelandic tradition this is, but this one is probably the best one of the year. You get to eat lots and lots of “bolla”. Delicious pastries traditionally filled with jam and whipped cream and topped with melted chocolate. You can make your own or go to the store or bakery ad purchase ready to eat cream puffs. You can also do both, everything is allowed! The bakeries have in recent years started experimenting with the traditional bolla by trying new fillings and toppings.

No matter if you like the new, adventurous bakery style cream puffs or the traditional bolla, just enjoy the day and eat cream puffs!

If you want to bake your own bollur, check out this great recipe for cream puffs.