Iceland shakes

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July 27, 2017

A weeks worth of earthquakes

Yesterday was a very shaky day in Iceland as we experienced a weeks worth of earthquakes on Reykjanes peninsula as well as earthquakes coming from the volcano Katla on the south coast. The biggest earthquakes in Reykjanes where felt all the way to Reykjavik, the capital and even as far as Akranes. You can read more about the earthquakes herehere and here. Scientists report that there are no signs of increased volcanic activity.

The earthquakes are nothing to worry about as they happen all the time in Iceland due to the fact that our country is being pulled apart by the tectonic plates. Yesterday was unusual though because of how many happened in one day. The average number of earthquakes in one week in Iceland is around 500. This weeks earthquake count will undoubtedly be a bit higher.