A Few FAQ Before Going on a Helicopter Tour

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October 13, 2017

The weather, what is it like in Iceland?

At times the weather in Iceland can be quite difficult to predict. As testimony to that Icelanders have a saying that if you do not like the weather, just wait 5 minutes by then it will have changed. So you can expect all kinds of weather while in Iceland regardless of the time of year. The temperature in summer is generally around 15 degrees Celsius. In wintertime it is around freezing, maybe a few degrees below. That is to say it´s not particularly warm in Iceland but on the other hand it does not get very cold either.

Iceland is quite a big country so we often experience different weather in different parts of the country. You can have sun and beautiful weather in the west while the south coast is foggy and visibility low or vice versa. If you want to follow the weather yourself I can recommend looking at WindyVedur or Belgingur.

As I said before the weather changes rapidly so at times we can not always accurately predict whether we will be able to fly the next day. We follow the it quite closely and unfortunately sometimes we do need to cancel tours due to weather. We do our best to let you know a day in advance or at least if we think the weather is iffy we will send you an e-mail update with weather information. When we cancel tours it is always done with your and our pilots safety in mind. We are sometimes able to offer to fly a different route if the weather allows for it.

If we are forced to cancel the tour due to weather we offer a full refund or it is also possible to reschedule to another day.

I always recommend to people thinking of going on a helicopter tour to schedule it in the beginning of trip in case the weather is not good you have some time available to reschedule.

What to wear?

First of all I always recommend good shoes. We are often flying and landing in the middle of nowhere, in the highlands, on top of glaciers, close to river canyons and geothermal areas. In other words places where it is good to have sturdy shoes with good grip.

Clothing choice is of course a bit dependent on the time of year and the current weather. So in winter you want to bring a warm winter jacket, gloves, scarf and hats. In summer a sweater and a light jacket is usually enough.

It is best to dress in layers so you can easily take the outer layer off. Inside the helicopter it is nice and cozy but it can be very cold for example on top of the glaciers. Keep in mind that it is generally a few degrees colder on glaciers then in surrounding areas. We have a baggage compartment where you can store your big winter coats while you enjoy the scenery from inside the helicopter.


Will thHelicopter and people enjoying the sun on a mountaintop in the highlandsere be snacks and/or lunch on the tour?

We offer people to take some water or soda with them before we depart. On our shorter tours up to 4 hours we do not offer any snacks, but encourage people to pack some light snacks. Especially for tours lasting more than 2 hours, so you can keep up your energy for the whole experience. On our longer tours we need to stop to refuel the helicopter. While we refuel we offer our passengers some hot drinks and snacks and on our longest tours a light lunch.

We often get the question if you can enjoy a picnic lunch while out in nature. The answer is yes! We can arrange a very nice picnic lunch for our customers at an added cost. We also often get people who have prepared their own picnic to take with them on the tour. This option of a nature picnic is only available on our private flights.


Can I take pictures through the glass of the helicopter?

Yes, you can take all the pictures you want. This is an experience you want to capture on camera so you can remember these spectacular moments when you get home. This will without a doubt be one of the best opportunities to get some great photos of Iceland’s wild nature and amazing shapes and sights.

If you have a good camera you should definitely bring it along. If you only have a camera-phone, don´t worry you can also get some really great pictures while in the air using your phone. Here you can see a little sample of pictures taken from the helicopter using only a smartphone.


Snow inLandmannalaugarGlacier river from Langjökull glacierVolcano - craterColorful glacier river delta


During stops there is time to get some great photos and selfies of course 😉 With some fantastic backdrop! Feel free to ask the pilot to take some pictures of you and your group. That’s probably going to be the picture that ends up this years Christmas card.Group of people standing on top of Eyjafjallajökull glacier


If you have any questions regarding our tours, reservations or booking. Give us a call at +354 561 6100 or send us an email at info@helo.is.