A Photo Flight with a Life Saving Twist!

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March 12, 2018

Sheep Rescue

Last spring we had the privilege of flying with two photographers who allowed us to share this lovely story they managed to capture on film. Vicky Jones and Margund Sallowsky came to Iceland to enjoy the unique sights and landscapes Iceland has to offer. The flight of the day was going to Þórsmörk Valley, over the river deltas of Markarfljót and into the southern highlands. The flight went well and they took some wonderful pictures along the way.



As our helicopter is cruising over Þórsmörk the pilot spots a sheep in trouble. From an incredible height he sees that it is lying on its back.

Icelandic sheep in trouble

If sheep roll over it is as good as dead since they have no way of getting back up on their feet. So the pilot decides to take a closer look and eventually landed close by.

Helo pilot walking to icelandic sheep in troublePilot saving sheepAs they come closer they can see that the sheep had lying there for some time. The ground under her was muddy from her struggling to get up and a mud circle had formed around her created by her lamb walking around her. The lamb did not stray far and watched while the pilot helped its mother.

Icelandic sheep in highlands
Icelandic sheep in highlands

When the sheep was turned around she took a while to get back on her feet. Which is normal after going a day or two without eating. She eventually got on her feet and happily trotted away to her offspring. This was one lucky sheep.